AccuRate Content Guidelines

As an AccuRate User, you have the unique opportunity to share your honest, unbiased opinions about your experiences as a patient with the world. Your review could potentially be read by thousands of prospective patients. While you are encouraged to express yourself freely, a little common sense goes a long way in writing reviews about medical practices.

Here are a few general content guidelines to help make the AccuRate User experience as valuable as possible for everyone:

* Refrain from posting content that may be considered inappropriate. This is where common sense comes into play. Obviously, in discussing medical procedures, certain descriptive terms that may not be suitable for dinner conversation may be considered contextually appropriate in your review. However, there is certainly no need for profanity, threats, lewdness, hateful language, or harassment.
* Avoid posting commercial or promotional content: AccuRate is an avenue for you to post your reviews of medical professionals. It is not a forum for you to promote your own business interests or the business interests of others, aside from the practice you are reviewing. Even then, your review should be fair, balanced, and genuine and not merely a veiled advertisement.
* Do not post a review if there is a conflict of interest. If, for example, you work for the practice you are about to review, or if you work for a competing practice, please do not post your review to AccuRate. The purpose of AccuRate is to collect objective, unbiased reviews about medical practices.
* Keep your post relevant. Remember that you are writing a review about your experience as a patient at a medical practice. Anything that falls outside of that experience, such as opinions about politics, religion, world affairs, or current events, do not belong in your review.
* Respect the privacy of others. Do not post other people’s private information, including photos, videos, full names, addresses, and other sensitive information. Any information that is included on a medical practice’s public website – for example, the full name of the doctor or a member of the staff, or the address of the practice – may be included in your review if it is relevant.
* Do not infringe another party’s intellectual property. This includes content from the site that represents the practice you are reviewing. While you may quote small passages of material, please give credit to the original source. Do not include long passages of outside material, and do not represent another party’s written, photographic, video, or other content as your own.